Text Box: What a Good Weight Loss Resolution Consist Of? (unknown source)

Consider a positive lifestyle change instead of “going on a diet“..
Set small, realistic goals. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Add  vegetables to your meal. Every time you make a change, you will be one step closer to achieving your overall realistic goal.
Practice moderation, not deprivation.  “Don’t deny yourself favorite foods, just pay attention to portion size, and balance higher calorie choices with lower ones over the course of several days.
Inform your family, friends and work colleagues about your plans for a healthy lifestyle.  Everyone will become your support system.
Come up with a variety of fun activities to help you with your lifestyle change.  Consider taking cooking classes, try  Yoga or Pilates or change your walking routine.
Have an exercise plan.   Make it part of your daily schedule—write it in your daily appointment book or daily planner.
Start small – literally – to reap big rewards.  If its been a while since you’ve exercised, start off by walking a few blocks a few days a week.  Or consider walking on the trend mill for a half hour in three 10-minute increments or six  5-minutes increments. 
Find an exercise or activity that you like.   Exercise is supposed to be fun not a chore.  If exercise is not fun, then it will become a burden, you’re not going to do it.
You will begin to feel energized and empowered to have reached your goal.  Use these characteristics to fuel your motivation to move on to your next goal.
Text Box: Strength Training for Women :  Lean and sculpted vs. “big” and “bulky” 

	According to an article in Energy, many women dream about a firm, sculptured upper body and want to refrain from bulking up too much.  Even if you train with heavy weights, it is highly unlikely that you’ll build biceps bigger than a man.  “The vast majority of women, about 95 percent, do not have the ability to do this,” says Schoenfeld, the author of the article.  “Women have one-tenth to one-fiftieth of the testosterone that a man has.  Testosterone is the primary anabolic hormone that is the muscle-building stimulus for the body.”
	For the most part, the upper body strength of women is approximately 50% less than most men.  And as women age, they tend to loss muscle mass at a much faster rate than most men.  “To neglect the upper body is a really big mistake, “ says Schoenfeld.
	Schoenfeld believes that all muscle groups should be worked from different angles to achieve the largest numberof muscle fibers.  “Muscles have generally different attachments and different heads.  For instance, the triceps have 3 different heads.” In order “to maximize development, utilize different movements from different angles to target each muscle based on its attachments.  A complete workout will result in a symmetrical body.”
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